Over-30 Women's Magazine Breakdown

Working Conservative, Modest, Mode, and Gorgeous
01 February 2008
Part two in our guide to the main market segmentation for Japanese women's fashion magazines
This installment of our media breakdown will look at magazines for women over the age of 30. We have organized 23 different magazines into four large categories — Working Conservative, Modest, Mode, and Gorgeous. Each section describes the general editorial aesthetic and consumer segment organized around these titles.

Click here for a graphical overview of the magazines in their respective genre divisions. 

Note on Circulation Figures
: The more objective and accurate circulation figures are those provided by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC). Those few magazines with ABC-certified numbers are indicated by "(ABC)." Magazines with a (JMPA) after the circulation number indicates a more flattering Japanese Magazine Publishers Association figure. Those starting with "~" are uncertified publisher-provided statistics and not particularly credible.

Figures updated on December 1, 2008.

Working Conservative
Age Range: very late 20s to 40s
Race of Models: Japanese, some half-Japanese
Authority: senzoku models, working women role-models

"Working Conservative" magazines are mostly read by OLs who have yet to be married by their late 20s and serious career women in their 30s and early 40s. The main theme to the content is creating fashionable, yet non-edgy wardrobes that can be worn "off" and "on" the job. Although these magazines generally continue the stylistic traditions of CanCam and the Oneekei magazines, the editors drop the explicit references to meeting men (about 50% of Working Conservative magazine readers are married) and remove the remaining gyaru influences to build a "adult" and serious dress code. After working for a decade, these women generally have high individual income, but are no longer interested in fashion as a form of play. Luxury goods do make it into the wardrobe — mostly in the form of austere handbags or wallets — but these women are not particularly obsessed with brands or conspicuous consumption.

As for the specific differences in magazines, Baila presents a "30s adult casual" look that is a tad more laid-back than some of the other magazines in this grouping.

Oggi and Classy are rivals — the big sister magazines to CanCam and JJ, respectively. Although nominally targeted at non-career track OL, the general attitude speaks to the serious and somewhat intellectual woman who has a real role in the office place. The word "classy" is a very good descriptor for both looks. Domani is the bigger sister title for Oggi and continues this look for women in their very late 30s and early 40s. Marisol is targeted to the same range as Domani, but at bit more focused on foreign fashion.


    Average Age: 33
    Age Range: 25-35
    Circulation: 94,594 (ABC)

    Average Age: 35
    Age Range: 15-30
    Circulation: 144,140 (ABC)

    Average Age: 35
    Age Range: 15-30
    Circulation: 117,292 (ABC) 


    Average Age: 39
    Age Range: 30-45
    Circulation: 81,184 (ABC)


    Average Age: 40
    Age Range: 30-50
    Circulation: 70,000 (JMPA)

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