October Diffusions and November Magazines

Media pushes industry's big ideas for autumn
31 October 2007
A visual and textual guide to the autumn 2007 trends in the magazines and on the streets
With a wet and cool October, customers finally got the chance to show off their new autumn wardrobes. Some of magazine-pushed trends from September/October magazines were instant successes, while others have only made a quiet impact. This briefly discusses the diffusion of earlier trends and adds a few more styles we did not cover last month.

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1. Color Tights

Tokyo is aglow with yellow, pink, purple, turquoise, and blue legs. Oddly, color tights have been a hit with both the trendy set and the average office lady reading JJ. That particular magazine went so far as to provide a huge six-page gallery of every possible color option in the market. No doubt the low-price of the tights made this a very easy trend to indulge in for most consumers.

2. Booties

Department stores have been reporting that bootie sales are surpassing sales expectations to the point of premature sell-out fears. Most women buying booties are wearing them with the aforementioned color tights, suggesting that the purchases are very much driven by exact adherence to magazine advice.

3. Leopard Print / Animal Patterns

Leopard print has exploded onto the Tokyo streets. Whether in white-black snow leopard or the full-out golden classic, girls of all ages have embraced the print on shirts, scarves, bags, and shoes. Zebra and other prints seem more popular with a more mature crowd.
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