Autumn Trends from the October Magazines

Leopard print and color tights
01 October 2007
A visual and textual guide to the Autumn 2007 trends pushed hard in the media.
Although Tokyo's September does not offer much relief from the summer heat, the October fashion magazines already started their hard sell for warmer clothes. We have taken a few dozen of the best-selling titles and identified the trends that transcended specific consumer subcultures/lifestyles.

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1. Hot Girl - Erika Sawajiri

The young actress Erika Sawajiri appeared on the cover of two magazines (Spring, Vivi) in our Magazine Rack and appeared as a model in numerous others. Although it is fair to say that her management may be contributing some top-down pressure to the media world, she does have an authentic appeal to the general public. Sawajiri ranked #1 in a poll for "Most Enviable Female Face" in monthly online magazine De-View.

In our slideshow, we see Ms. Sawajiri decked out in another of our trends for this month: leopard print.

2. Leopard Print / Animal Patterns

Leopard print is everywhere this month. I had assumed it was just a part of the normal "bad girl" rock'n'roll styling of Vivi or Glamorous, but the wild pattern showed up in almost every single women's magazine. Even the cover of men's street magazine Smart showed actress Ayase Haruka in a leopard print vest.Although full-out leopard print shirts are a-okay, the pattern also makes a more subtle appearance on shoes, scarves, and bags. As seen in the shot from Glamorous in our slide-show, hot pink and leopard print are a winning combo.

The leopard push is a part of a wider boom for animal patterns. The Zebra-prints seen on Ebi-chan and in Oggi are a slightly adult-take on the trend. Dalmatian black-dot-on-white is also hot. This trend has already hit the streets with serious force, so expect to see more in the coming months.

3. Color Tights

Although you'd think American Apparel would have something to do with the sudden popularity of colored tights, this vibrant leg-wear seem to be advocated across the board in magazines street to high fashion.

4. Booties

Booties are very big this year. Knee-high boots have been in for a while, but this short version is a new development. Works especially well with colored tights.

5. Houndstooth Check

Whether part of the larger "trad" boom or not, magazine stylists went all out with houndstooth check for October. More conservative magazines like CanCam, Ray, and JJ outfitted their models in houndstooth skirts and dresses, while ViVi and the more casual/sexy mags went with houndstooth scarves. Men's magazine HUGE advocated houndstooth coats as the "new black and white."
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