Autumn Magazines vs. Autumn Streets

How reality echoes images
19 October 2008
Comparing street style to the magazine templates for autumn
As we have mentioned frequently in the past, most fashion trends in Japan follow a very orderly diffusion. Domestic brands tend to make products conforming to a strict seasonal trend template. Then magazines teach consumers about each individual trend and subsequent styling through showing the key similarities between the brands' items. Japanese consumers are known to be very meticulous in adopting trends (especially young consumers living outside of Tokyo), which can create almost mirror-like reflections between the media and reality.

In this story, we take a look at the autumn styles most successfully making their ways to the street by comparing magazine pages side-by-side with Tokyo street photography. Note the variety in how master trends like "plaid" work into different female consumer subsegments such as mini's cute-casual, ViVi's glam-rock, and CanCam's conservative Oneekei.

Please also view our October street photos for further examples of these autumn trends.

Street photos by Sean Wood. The origin of all magazine images indicated by subsequent text.
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