September Magazine Trend Review

CanCam, Spur, and ViVi
07 August 2008
Folklore natural materials and tartan check looking to be big in autumn
The September magazines come out in late July and start to introduce the industry's autumn trends to readers. We took a look at three major magazines — high-fashion Spur, "office lady" fashion CanCam, and post-gyaru "street-pop" ViVi — to get a sense of the common styles we expect to see on the Tokyo streets starting around mid-October.

Between all three titles, the most noticeable trans-segment trends were tartan check plaid and "folklore"-inspired use of natural materials like sheep's wool, fur, and suede. "Animal" patterns like leopard skin also seem to be back for another round this year. Grey and black are key colors, matched with vivid prints and chromatics.

CanCam Sept 2008CanCam - Sept 2008

In late summer, "real clothes" magazines like CanCam teach readers how to adapt their current summer wardrobes to early autumn by adding a few new items. Most of the content followed this line instead of just looking ahead like in Spur.

Some other key topics:

1) The Imminent Departure of Ebichan?

There have been strong rumors that CanCam's star model Yuri "Ebi-chan" Ebihara is on the way out. With CanCam sales down recently and Ebihara almost five years older than the average reader, everyone is expecting a major announcement on her future plans. The September issue's two-page retrospective on "Ebihara's history" does little to dispel gossip that she's being prepared for a goodbye.

2) Return of Luxury Goods

Usually Louis Vuitton is the only luxury brand to directly do advertorial in the front pages of CanCam. Yet this month saw a huge feature on import luxury brands: Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Emilio Pucci, Loewe, Celine, miu miu, D&G, Chloé, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, and Chanel.

3) Autumn Keywords

The following were CanCam's "keywords" for autumn:

A) Tartan check
B) The color red
C) Suede shorts
D) Soft grey
E) Tweed set-up
F) '60s retro
G) Sheepskin boots
H) "Sweet rock" (border shirts + vest)
I) Little black dresses
J) Leopard print in a "classy" vein

4) "Kawaii Otona" (Cute Adult)

Above and beyond the fall trends, CanCam is pushing a "kawaii otona" look to make their readers into "cute adults." The look is very conservative, but incorporates more of the more traditionally-minded trends of this season, including tailored jackets, british check, a "classy" grey, and long length skirt (5 cm above knee).
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