Magazine's Spring Fashion Trends

28 February 2008
A look at the trends that Japanese fashion magazines are advocating for Spring
Although Japan is still in its deepest depths of winter, the fashion press have spent the last few months paving the way for the spring season. The high-fashion magazines like Spur and Ginza have been talking about breezy dresses for a bright and sunny S/S without paying attention to the thermometer, while CanCam and the street magzaines are teaching girls how to wear their winter clothes through to April. (As a result, the streets see a lot of flower print dresses under winter coats in an odd seasonal compromise.) Of the new trends, there are two very obvious streams infecting all magazines: flower/paisley/tie-dye Bohemian dresses and vivid pop colors. Both, of course, are trickling down directly from last year's collection shows.

1) Flower/Paisley/Tie-Dye Bohemian

Even in consumer segments lacking any semblance of an artsy Bohemian ethic, light dresses with colorful and busy patterns are the most obvious trend for the season. Dresses have been the best-selling item for women in recent years, and the industry is betting that flower print, tie-dye, and paisley patterns will please almost everyone. Although these dresses seem like they are not a good fit with the CanCam Oneekei set, we can expect them to come over to the slightly arty-aesthetic on their on terms.

2) Vivid Pop Colors

This is a continuation from last year's color resurgence and fits with the long-term rejection of subdued earth tones popular in Japan for the first years of the early 21st century. ViVi constructs these "pop colors" into M.I.A./Jeremy Scott-type candy punk-pop, while Spur collects high-fashion items that fit a rainbow princple.

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