Zechia Breaks from Unit & Guest

28 January 2009
Designers return their avant-garde ladies brand to own company
Japanese avant-garde ladies brand Zechia has decided to go independent, leaving the auspicies of previous owner — fashion importer Unit & Guest. The designers cited "a divergence in opinions on direction" as the reason for the move. Designer LICA wants to expand the brand's activities beyond fashion, into the realms of environmental protection and art.

Zechia's designers LICA and NAKA originally hail from the Harajuku-based brand 20471120. They will now operate Zechia within their own company Tra I Venti, formed in 1994.

Zechia will not participate in the upcoming AW '09-'10 Japan Fashion Week.

Unit & Guest is the Japanese importer and agent for foreign brands such as Stella McCartney, Diane von Furstenberg, and Madison Marcus. The company is a subsidiary of Sanei International.

Images from Zechia's SS '09 Japan Fashion Week show available here.