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Apart from the website, MEKAS also offers individually-tailored research and consulting packages for corporate clients looking to better grasp the Japanese market. Our bilingual staff is able to create English-language reports on Japan using both propriety field research and the latest Japanese-language resources. Beyond our research capabilities, we also provide consulting and management for foreign licenses.

A general listing of our services:

Market Research
Research on the Japanese market, from feasibility studies to advisory guides on branding refinement, regional retailing breakdowns, Tokyo neighborhood performance expectations, competitive benchmarking, distribution issues, and staffing concerns.

Consumer Profiling
Guides to the complexities of Japanese consumer behavior, examining both macro consumer groupings as well as micro trend phenomena. MEKAS can run focus groups and collect personal interviews, as well as provide basic demographic and psychographic profiles, analysis of subcultural movements, media usage statistics, and insights on opinion leadership.

License Consulting and Management
Management of licenses, introductions to possible licensors, as well as strategic adaptation of global messaging in licensing pitches to better fit with recent Japanese market trends.

Market Monitoring and Competitive Tracking
Monitoring of market changes, media appearances, and consumer usage of brands, companies, and products, as well as tracking of competitors in the market.

Media Analysis
Categorization and analysis of Japanese fashion media sources, including mainstream magazines and popular websites.

Visual Research and Photography

Our expert photographers can do speciailized visual reports on store facades, interiors, visual merchandising, and street styles.

Personalized Tokyo Tours
MEKAS can take business visitors on an informative journey of Tokyo’s diverse cultural hotspots and shopping neighborhoods. Not only can we point you in the right directions, we can provide contextual knowledge and history about everything you see.Please contact us at info@mekas.jp about MEKAS. Consulting services.