Tiny Dinosaur - JFW '09 SS

Men's/Women's Collection Lines
08 September 2008
Thoughts and pictures from the Japan Fashion Week collection show on September 3, 2008
Japan Fashion Week
tiny dinosaur
"The work of a moment"
September 3, 2008

tiny dinosaur's latest collection of designer casual emerged from a blue fog, offering a set of laid-back pieces for both sexes based in peaceful Japanese aesthetics. The timbre was consistent: organic materials like cotton flax, jackets and pants fastened with long and loose ties rather than rigid buttons or technological zippers. Raglan sleeves allowed more comfort of movement. A major print design had tranquil birds and bats poking out from tree branches.

Although most of the pieces employed Tokyo's au courant natural layering style, synthetics and inkjet printing also played a major role. Like many of the week's other collections, tiny dinosaur was very interested in twisting nylons into skirts, dresses, tops, and a micro-poncho cape. The major patterns looked vaguely floral, but on closer inspection, had an eerie symmetry like Rorschach ink fractals. The last set of dresses flipped the first nylon dress ideas into cupra cotton kersey, leaving the audience with a final dominance of nature over man.

The designers put their men in suits, but not particularly stiff ones. The grey one-button piece used fusuma door paper, while a short-pant suit combined a blue organic chambray with areas of soft brown leather, further loosened up with triangle pockets. 

— W. David Marx

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