Ylang Ylang - JFW '08 AW

Women's Collection Lines
01 April 2008
Thoughts and pictures from the collection show
Japan Fashion Week
Ylang Ylang
March 12, 2008

Under the banner of a "zodiac" theme and the dreamy piano of Bartok, Ylang Ylang shot for the stars and delivered an ambitious set of elegant evening dresses. The models made out like the obsessed alien-mimicry of Hollywood classics — especially the Lawrence of Arabia-esque white robe dress outfitted with black gloves to make the model look armless and the jellyfish-angelic white dress with a furry catcher's mitt covering the head.

Later pieces performed serious architecture upon the human form: a tight-shouldered hooded A-line dress with no sleeves and a mess of giant feather-like fluff at the bottom perfectly recreated a birdlike shape. The most impressive dresses in the collection, however, employed layers of frills to build three-dimensional hierarchies upon the base fabric. This concept culminated in a purple three-tiered pyramid dress with queenly collar, modeled by rising Japanese model Anne Watanabe.

The zodiac theme popped up in more playful elements as well: moon-necklaces, Gemini hats, an Aries v-neck dress, stuffed Virgo sign on top of a white-black striped two-tier dress, Sagittarius arrow dress strap, and a colorful print of astrological sign patterns in a near-parody of the LV logo.

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