10 March 2008
Ships Launches First Store for "Wine Label"
Preppie select-shop gives over-40 men their own retail space read on >>

On March 3, top select shop chain Ships opened the first store for "Wine Label" — its sub-brand founded in 2006 targetting "mature" men over 40. Until now, this label has been sold within other Ships locations

Wine Label offers men high-quality clothing based on Ivy-league, conservative patterns, providing reliable options for both office wear and weekend attire.

With Japanese society rapidly graying and Baby Boomers heading into retirement, retailers are dedicating more resourcing to capturing the hearts of older men. Despite the potential of this market, however, no one has quite succeeded yet. Ships' core strengths in conservative styling may come in handy for this new attempt.

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10 March 2008
Damiani Moves Ginza Flagship to Larger Location
Italian jewelry brand confidently expands for the Japanese market read on >>

Italian jewelry brand Damiani has moved its Ginza flagship store to a new location in the neighborhood. The new store is seven-times larger than the previous Damiani space, with 213 square meters of floor space.

Actress Sophia Loren made a public visit to the store's opening party on March 6. 

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05 March 2008
Magazine Zino to Open Select Shop in Seibu Shibuya
Store "Kishida Shosai" named after Editor-in-chief read on >>

Magazine for stylish older men Zino has announced that it will establish its own select shop within the Shibuya location of department store Seibu. The shop will be called "Kishida Shosai" — named after Zino's founder and editor-in-chief Ichiro Kishida. (Kishida originally rose to fame as the founder of identically-themed magazine Leon, but was later forced out of publisher Shufu to Seikatsu.) Store operations will be managed in coordination with trading company DKSH.

Merchandising will focus on acccesories and lifestyle items featured in the magazine.

For further explanation of Zino, see our Men's Magazine Tutorial.

05 March 2008
Acquamore to Import/Sell Rodika Zanian
Osaka importer to bring more of the French brand to Japan read on >>

Osaka-based importer Acquamore (subsidiary of real estate/textile company Tatsuno Corporation) will begin to import and sell Parisian brand Rodika Zanian from autumn 2008. The distribution strategy will first focus on establishing Rodika Zanian corners within 70 to 80 high-end boutiques across Japan.

Rodika Zanian is already directly wholesaling to Japanese boutiques, but has decided to team up with Acquamore to improve and strengthen their Japanese strategy. 

05 March 2008
Biscaye to Transfer Euromoda Shares to Sanki
Biscaye Holdings to reduce import business read on >>

Biscaye Holdings has announced that on March 25 the company will transfer its currently held shares of subsidiary Euromoda to importer Sanki. Biscaye originally acquired 51% of Euromoda's shares in 2004 from Sanki but has had difficulty in maintaining profitability for this import business in the face of a strong Euro. Revenues for the 2007 fiscal year stood at 1.734 billion JPY. 

Euromoda is primarily responsible for the import of French brand Paule Ka