20 November 2007
Only to Joint Manage Asian Operations for Florence's Tie Your Tie
Kyoto's suit kings Only Corporation to assist the Italian men's shop in the Far East read on >>

Kyoto-based Only Corporation (Inhale + Exhale, The @ Super Suits St0re) will joint manage the Asian operations of Florence men's shop Tie Your Tie. Both companies have invested in the establishment of the new company Tie Your Tie Asia. According to Senken Shimbun, the principle capital totals at 20 million JPY, with Only providing 90% of that amount.

Although the development of Japanese locations are already underway in Osaka's Minami Senba and Tokyo's Aoyama districts, the new company also plans stores for China, South Korea, Taiwain, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Suits will be sold for around 500,000 JPY — positioning the store on the "luxury" level.

19 November 2007
Goo Poll of Hot Trends Shows Leggings, Crocs
Results suggest understanding of "leggings" as a "this year" item read on >>

Internet site Goo polled Japanese men and women on "Which trendy products have you ended up buying this year?" Fashion items leggings and Crocs sandals made the list at #6 and #11, respectively. Here is a list of the Top 15 results:

   Which trendy products have you ended up buying this year?

  1. Mega Mac
  2. Premium beer
  3. Billy's Boot Camp DVD
  4. Mango
  5. Nintendo Wii (48.8%)
  6. Leggings
  7. Items from Miyazaki prefecture
  8. Luxury donuts (Krispy Kreme, etc.)
  9. iPod nano
  10. Fried ramen
  11. Crocs sandals (31.3%)
  12. Luxury shampoo
  13. Feng Sui goods
  14. Strange canned foods (ramen, udon)
  15. Books with the word "dignity" in the title

Balloon skirt made the list at #21 (8.8%).

19 November 2007
Livedoor Trebian News Poll Shows Luxury Brand Likes, Recognition
Only small difference between what Japanese women personally like and what they think is "in" read on >>

Livedoor's Trebian News reported on the 15th on a Livedoor Research poll asking Japanese women about their favorite brands and the brands they believed to be currently popular. The results to the two questions were almost identical:

   Which brand do you like best?

  1. Louis Vuitton
  2. Hermes
  3. Coach
  4. Gucci
  5. Chanel

   Which brand do you think is currently most popular?

  1. Louis Vuitton
  2. Hermes
  3. Coach
  4. Chanel
  5. Gucci 
12 November 2007
Japanese Women Expect ВҐ46,000 Presents for Christmas
Ginza Printemps' survey shows second year of drop in expectations read on >>

Ginza Printemps has found that Japanese women on average expect a Christmas present from men costing ¥46,000. This is a ¥6800 reduction from last year's survey — the second drop in two years.

38% of surveyed women wanted "accessories," but "dining" and "travel" moved up the ranks. This suggests that "time together" may be starting to be seen as more important than material goods. 

(The original Yomiuri Online article can be found here.)

12 November 2007
Matsuya Ginza Takes on Louis Vuitton Exterior
LV's classic monograms grace the façade of department store Ginza Matsuya until Christmas read on >> Until Christmas Day, the exterior of Ginza department store Matsuya Ginza will be covered with Louis Vuitton's monogram logos (in coloring from Takashi Murakami's "Monogram Multicolor" line.) There is a two-story LV store within Matsuya Ginza, and this project is meant to boost holiday sales for the brand at Matsuya.
12 November 2007
Cartier Flagship Exterior to Go Gold
The exterior of Cartier's Ginza store will be graced with solid gold coloring read on >>

The exterior for the Cartier flagship store in Ginza will be a solid gold color. This new exterior will be officially revealed on November 21.

With Tiffany's Ginza store also using its building exterior for imaging, there will surely be greater competition on this front in the near future.

06 November 2007
Adidas Opens "Performance Center Ginza"
New two-story space focuses on female customers read on >>

Adidas Japan has opened its "Performance Center Ginza" in the Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo. Aiming for a "lifestyle" feel, the two-story space concentrates on women and offers the "Adidas by Stella McCartney" line. 

The store has 588 square meters of floor space.  

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05 November 2007
Asics Teams Up with Mini for New Sneaker
Onitsuka Tiger + Car Company = R55 read on >>

Asics — makers of Onitsuka Tiger — have teamed up with car company Mini to create a new sneaker called "R55." The shoe will go on sale December 1.

R55 was created to mark the release of the new Mini automobile Mini Clubman. The actual shoe is a standard Limber with the Mini logo mark and a few other flourishes reminiscent of the Clubman car. Available in three colors (beige, brown, and black), the R55 will retail at 16,800 JPY.

05 November 2007
Peach John to Open Store in Isetan Shinjuku
Lingerie company goes for "good families" read on >>

Japanese lingerie importer/retailer Peach John will open an in-store shop on the second floor of department store Isetan Shinjuku on November 17. This is the first department store shop for the company.

Until now, Peach John's main sales route has been its order catalog and 20 stores within fashion buildings like Shibuya 109. The Isetan store hopes to create a new market in targeting the company's underwear and sleepwear lines to "girls from good families." This means a more conservative selection of products (i.e. no leopard print) to please mothers accompanying their daughters to shop in Isetan.

The store will be 66 square meters.  

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Nov 01 2007
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